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September 2019 - present day

Backstory: DPW was founded by NMS owner Eric Nordrum in March 2017 and officially launched as a new independent wrestling league with a focus on extremely high production value and dramatic stories.

DPW officially launched on January 1st, 2020 but was quickly put back on the shelf when the pandemic came into full swing just three months later. DPW 1 finally took place in August of 2021 and has been slowly but surely becoming one of the most eye-catching wrestling projects in the country.

Solutions provided:

Full Solution Suite

DPW enjoys the full suite of available marketing solutions that NMS has to offer. Everything at DPW has been done from the ground up through Nordrum Marketing Solutions. Everything from the website, to video editing and production, social media management, and more!

See the work on their site:

DPW 1: The Warmth of Warfare

DPW 2: Reduced to Ash

DPW 3: Empire of Dirt

DPW 4: Zenith City Summit

Graphic art & poster examples

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