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Imperium Dance Company

October, 2023 - Present Day

Backstory: Imperium Dance Company was founded by owners Courtney and Arnie LaPlante in October of 2023. After dedicating their lives to other dance studios in Duluth for the majority of their lives, they recognized the need for change in the Duluth dance community and contacted us to help them build their company.

I could not ask for better clients. Courtney and Arnie have been absolutely amazing to work with and work for. 

Solutions provided:

Full Solution Suite

Imperium enjoys the full suite of available marketing solutions that NMS has to offer. Nearly everything at Imperium has been done from the ground up through Nordrum Marketing Solutions. Everything from the website, to video editing and production, social media management, and more!

See the work on their site:

Imperium Dance Company Trailer

Imperium Dance Company Logo Splash 1

Imperium Dance Company Logo Splash 2

Graphic art & poster examples

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